Strawberry Fields Reigns in Cannabis Classic

Evan Levinton’s confidence didn’t waver. It took a shot on the chin, admittedly, when his strain Haunted Haze didn’t win an award at the Autumn Harvest Festival in October 2016. But after three-years of entering top-level strains, Levinton finally took home the most coveted prize - Best Overall bud - with Strawberry Fields, his entry into the May Cannabis Classic competition, which also was awarded Best Sativa.

Levinton acquired the seeds from Crockett Family Farms, who created this strain by taking a Strawberry Banana and crossing it with a Tangie-male. The smell ranges from strawberry to a sweet citrus berry, according to the judges; and it produces an energetic, focused, euphoric high.

Besides smelling and tasting great, this strain looks beautiful as well. She sports thick, light-minty green buds with fiery bright-orange hairs and a chunky coating of bright white trichomes.

Strawberry Fields was sample #4 in the judges kit, and the total THC content of this strain, tested by CannTest in Anchorage, was 17.63%. She finished ahead of Key Lime Pie, winner of Best Hybrid, by more than two-points.

Here are the top 10 finishers for Best Overall, with their scores (max = 100):

Strawberry Fields - 77.97
Key Lime Pie - 75.88
Mauna Kea White Fire OG - 74.26
PurpleFrost Monster - 73.95
Arctic Blue - 73.88
Alaskan Wildfire - 73.15
Blueberry - 72.45
Pele Fire OG - 71.92
Aloha CBD - 71.66
MTF Cookies - 71.38

Congratulations to Evan Levinton and all of the other participants who entered this year’s Cannabis Classic competition.