High Voltage Wins Highest CBD Honors

Far too often competitors for the Cannabis Classic do not follow the correct entry submission process, meaning they do not complete the registration from on our website. Instead, many competitors drop-off their samples with some information, but not all of it.

That’s exactly what happened to Paulie Schwartz and his entry into the spring Cannabis Classic last month. Schwartz entered a strain called High Voltage into the sativa category. He labeled the package with the strain-type, strain name, and grower’s name; but left-off one important detail - that it was a CBD-strain and should be eligible for the Highest CBD award. Had the online application been completed, this information would have been required to continue.

The Cannabis Classic has a requirement that each category has at least three competitors. Because I did not know High Voltage was eligible for the CBD award, we cancelled the category. Had we known High Voltage was eligible, we would have had enough entries in the CBD category to award a winner.

If we would have known, then Schwartz would have an award on his mantle today for Highest THC. CannTest, our testing lab partner, tested High Voltage at 15.64% Total CBD.

Here are the stats for the CBD entries:

#23 - High Voltage. Total CBD: 15.64% Total THC: 1.02%
#15 - Aloha CBD. Total CBD: 12.43% Total THC: 8.42%
#22 - Blueberry. Total CBD: 12.20% Total THC: 8.89%

A couple of quick observations: first-and-foremost, congratulations to Mr. Schwartz for winning Highest THC. That is an impressive accomplishment, especially with the numbers he put up. 15+% Total CBD is a big number. But look at that ratio! 15:1 ratio CBD:THC; very impressive.

And look at the other two CBD strains. Look at those cannabinoid profiles!! These are unreal at 12+% CBD and 8+% THC. This category was stacked. Schwartz should be proud of his accomplishment.

But this also shows the importance of completing the online registration. Registering through our website is important so that we get all the important information. It’s important to us to get everything correct so mistakes like this do not happen. So the lesson here is: when you register to compete in the Cannabis Classic, please complete the online registration form so we can make sure we have everything correct.

And congratulations Paulie Schwartz for your entry, #23, High Voltage finishing as the highest CBD entry in the Cannabis Classic competition in Alaska.

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Lee Haywood

That man needs an award sent to him stat for those tremendous ratios. Great job!!

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