PurpleFrost Monster Wins Alaska’s Best Indica Award

Brandon Gomez’s homebred PurpleFrost Monster won the award for Best Indica in this year’s Cannabis Classic competition, winning by 2-points over Pele Fire OG, earning Gomez his second-career best-in-class award.

Bred by Gomez’s Swamp Donkey Seeds, PurpleFrost Monster is a cross between Katsu Bubba and Cherry Mountain. She is quickly becoming a favorite due to her heavy trichome coverage and sedating effect. Grown in coco using Advanced Nutrients, she was in flower for 63-days.

PurpleFrost Monster, which was entry No. 10 in the field, scored a 73.95 (max = 100) to edge out Pakalolo Supply Company’s original Pele Fire OG, which finished with a 71.92. Adding to the theory that a bud’s terpene profile is more important than its THC content, CannTest’s potency profile shows PurpleFrost Monster tested out at 9.55% total THC.

Here are some of the comments from the judges:

“Amazing trichome coverage.”
“Beastly traditional looking indica.”
“Absolutely gorgeous.”
“If this girl were human, she would be Miss America for sure.”
“Thank the Ganja Gods.”
“The colors are amazing.”
“This was one of the prettiest samples in the box.”
“Real heady indica.”

With this year’s victory in the Best Indica category, Gomez becomes the sixth competitor in Cannabis Classic history to win the highest honor in multiple categories, joining TJs Gardens (Oregon), High Wind Farms (Oregon), Mindful Canna (Oregon), Andrew Campbell (Alaska), and Evan Schlosberg (Alaska).

Here is the complete order of finish:

PurpleFrost Monster - 73.95087719
Pele Fire OG - 71.91578947
Aloha CBD - 71.65944272
MTF Cookies - 71.3754386
Purple Kush - 69.22105263
Kush Factor - 67.04511278
Bubba Kush - 66.49122807
Critical Kush - 64.32330827
Zebra - 64.00701754

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