Andrew Campbell’s Slim Hash Wins Best Concentrate

Andrew Campbell became one of the most successful competitors in Cannabis Classic history when he captured the Best Concentrate award with Slim Hash, a THCV-dominant shatter.

Sponsored by Cheeky Monkey, Slim Hash, entry No. 106 in the concentrates field, took the competition by surprise with it’s cannabinoid profile. Tested by CannTest, Slim Hash had 79.29% total cannabinoids, but 38.44% of that mass was THCV. THCV is considered the “Sports Car of Cannabinoids,” because it’s more strongly psychoactive than THC, but only has about half the duration.

Slim Hash barely edged out entry No. 104, Blue Pearl Shatter, and entry No. 103, Fruit Bowl/Berries Breath, to earn Campbell his second “Best Concentrate” award from the Cannabis Classic. Here are some of the remarks by the judges:

“Beautiful shatter.”
“Immediately notice the quality.”
“Delicious flavor.”
“The high was slight, but intense.”
“Tasted really great.”
“One of the best tasting shatters I’ve ever done.”
“Relaxed and comfortable.”

With this win, Campbell has now earned four “Best-in-Class” awards. The other three came at the 2016 Autumn Harvest Festival in Alaska for Best Concentrate (Chi Stick Lemon Delight Vape Pen), Best Sativa (Odin’s Beard), and Highest THC (Dank the Tank). Campbell was also award the third-place medal in the edibles category for his Peanut Butter Cup Pie. Campbell joins TJs Garden (Oregon) as the only competitors to win an award in each category - flowers, concentrates, and edibles. He also joins Justin Roland of Einstein Labs as the only two-time winners of the Best Concentrate award in Cannabis Classic history.

Here is the complete order of finish:

Slim Hash (#106) - 78.3333
Blue Pearl Shatter (#104) - 77.9167
Fruit Bowl/Berries Breath (#103) - 77.2917
Strawberry Lemonade Distillate (#107) - 76.0417
GSC Live Resin (#101) - 75.2083
Arctic Blue (#102) - 73.3333
Gorilla Glue #4 (#105) - 71.25