Pakalolo Supply Co. Shines in Cannabis Classic

Pakalolo Supply Co. claimed four medals in the 2017 Cannabis Classic growers competition for the state of Alaska, the most of any competitor in the field. Medals for the 3rd annual Cannabis Classic were awarded May 20, 2017 at the awards show in Anchorage, Alaska.

Pakalolo submitted four entries into the competition and each entry won a medal. They earned silver medals in each of the dry flower categories with Mauna Kea OG (hybrid), Blueberry (sativa), and Pele Fire OG (indica). Pakalolo’s Aloha CBD won the bronze medal for Best Indica. In addition, all four entries finished in the top 10 of the competition. Mauna Kea finished third overall, Blueberry finished seventh overall, Pele Fire OG finished eighth overall, and Aloha CBD finished ninth overall.

In addition to the growers awards, Pakalolo Supply Co. also won two industry awards, Best Branding & Design and Cannabis Store of the Year. All four award-winning strains are available for purchase at Pakalolo Supply Co’s retail store in Fairbanks located at 1851 Fox Avenue.

Here is the complete list of order for the cannabis competition:


Name Category Overall Score
Strawberry Fields Sativa 77.97368421
Key Lime Pie Hybrid 75.88157895
Mauna Kea Hybrid 74.25657895
PurpleFrost Monster Indica 73.95087719
Arctic Blue Hybrid 73.88070175
Alaskan Wildfire Hybrid 73.15087719
Blueberry Sativa 72.45394737
Pele Fire OG Indica 71.91578947
Aloha CBD Indica 71.65944272
MTF Cookies Indica 71.3754386
Dry Cabin Kush Hybrid 71.26315789
Blue Widow Sativa 70.99071207
Candy Man #3 Hybrid 70.25657895
Purple Kush Indica 69.22105263
Chocolope Sativa 68.9924812
LSD Sativa 68.90977444
Evan’s Cookies Hybrid 68.70877193
Cheesy Headband Hybrid 68.6877193
Noveske 2.0 Hybrid 68.39009288
Kush Factor Indica 67.04511278
Bubba Kush Indica 66.49122807
Tok Sativa 65.57894737
Starburst Hybrid 65.05263158
High Voltage Sativa 64.55438596
Critcal Kush Indica 64.32330827
Zebra Indica 64.00701754
Mega Jackpot Hybrid 61.35438596
Wild Cherry Cookies Hybrid 60.30877193