The Cannabis Classic is the premiere blind-tasting, consumer-judged US cannabis competition and award show.

The Cannabis Classic was created to provide a platform for cannabis breeders and growers to gain recognition. After all, without cannabis growers, there isn’t a cannabis industry, so it’s important to us to celebrate growers innovation, dedication and passion for producing the finest products possible.

We set out to create an unbiased, fair and totally transparent competition by choosing to enlist members of the public as judges. Judges are never hand picked by Classic staff, instead, they come from all demographics and backgrounds. (interested in judging a cannabis competition? Click here for judge requirements)

Our goal was to conceive a competition that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point - rather than an afterthought - in order to help cannabis growers with branding and product development.

What Makes the Cannabis Classic Different Than Other Competitions?

What makes the Cannabis Classic uniquely different is that each judge must take our rigorous Judges’ Course and pass a final exam with 80% or better to be eligible to receive a judging kit.

After passing the exam, each judges has approx 3-weeks to sample each anonymous entry provided in the complimentary kit. As a result, each strain is thoroughly evaluated by every judge and participants can be confident that the results provided are the true opinion of the public.

In addition to the double-blind consumer scoring system, final calculation of scores is managed by a third-party company called StrainRx , an online strain intelligence platform that helps consumers locate cannabis strains suited for specific purposes. StrainRx manages the entire scoring process and reveals the final results to the Cannabis Classic committee just prior to the award show event.

That is why we believe the Cannabis Classic is the cannabis industry’s premier cannabis competition and award show event.


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This husband and wife team organize the Cannabis Classic competition and award show event in all states and have since day one.

Event Vendors398
Awards Given139
Hours Worked10492



Industry leaders are impressed with the Cannabis Classic competition and scoring process. Many say it’s the fairest judging process in the industry.

Jesse Peters
Jesse PetersEco Firma Farms
“This is the third year we have competed in the Cannabis Classic and I can say without a doubt, I feel the staff of the competition really go the extra mile regarding the integrity of judging & agnostic approach they take to the entire process – as to not accidentally skew any of the results. We may not have taken first place this year, but the competition is always steep and having the ability to compete in equal format is always welcome. We will definitely be back next year; so bring your A game.”
Lindsey Pate
Lindsey PateGlass House Grown
“The Cannabis Classic competition has been a terrific way to increase brand recognition in the marketplace and showcase product development as we raise capital. It’s great to participate in a competition like the Cannabis Classic: the results are transparent, the awards are gorgeous, and the opportunity to showcase our brand is priceless.”
James Orpeza
James OrpezaTJ's Gardens
“The Cannabis Classic events are always well organized, well ran, and fairly judged. We feel it is important to compete in competitions like the Classic because there are often limited ways to set your products apart from others. Consumer-judged cannabis competitions are important to our marketing strategy and help maintain our position as a leader in the Oregon cannabis industry and beyond.”
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